The most famous tequila cocktail is the MARGARITA. The classic recipe is made with lime juice, but there are variations with all sorts of fruit such as strawberry and mango or it can be served as a frozen magarita. The salt rim is also typical of the classic Mexican magarita. Ingredients: 5 ml tequila (silver) […]

Today we present another classic of the Mexican kitchen: GUACAMOLE. Everyone has made guacamole themselves, but how does traditional Mexican guacamole work?! The basic ingredient is of course avocado or aguacate in Spanish. This word comes from the Aztec language Nahuatl, which is still spopken by approx. 1.5 million people in Mexico, mainly in the […]

Cook this delicious dessert from your Mexican vacation at home: FLAN DE CAFÉ Y KAHLUA. Flan is a kind of pudding with a caramel taste. But there are countless ways to prepare flan. We have prepared a recipe for you with coffee and kahlua. The recipe is enough for approx. 8 to 10 servings. Have […]

Querétaro is not only known for its wine and cheese culture, the typical dish of the region is ENCHILADAS QUERÉTANAS. These are enchiladas with salsa verde, filled with chicken, potatoes and carrots. The filling with potatoes and carrots distinguishes the enchiladas queretanas from the enchiladas from other regions of Mexico. You can find a classic […]

Today we are going to present a very popular autumn specialty from Puebla – Chiles en Nogada – to coincide with the holiday on September 15th. Probably the most patriotic in the country, this delicious dish combines Mexican cuisine with Mexican national pride. According to legend, nuns from Puebla invented the Chiles en Nogada in […]

Today we present a classic recipe from the Mexican kitchen: CEVICHE. Ceviche is a delicious fish dish that is known not only in Mexico, but also in many other countries in Latin America. It is very popular and very healthy. This recipe is designed for approx. 6 servings. Here we go. Ingredients: 375 g white […]

When it gets particularly hot, Mexicans like to drink “Agua con sabor”, which consists of ice-cold water, natural fruit juice and sugar. We will show you how to prepare the popular AGUA DE JAMAICA from hibiscus flowers yourself. Ingredients: 100 g sugar 10 g dried hibiscus flower ½ Lime easy to close bottles Preparation: Bring […]

Learn more about the mennonite communities in northern Mexico If you drive through Mexico with a rental car, it won’t be boring at a red light. Often, local vendors will provide food and snacks such as candies, lollies, chewing gum and refreshing drinks. In addition to the physical well-being, entertainment is also provided by jugglers, […]

A spectacle from another planet Water that glows in the dark and covers the skin with a shiny film. Is there such a thing? Oh yes and Anja (Marketing) got to experience it in Puerto Escondido: “Magical, fascinating and incredibly beautiful!” This unique natural spectacle can be observed in various places around the world. In […]

Mexican freestyle Everyone has probably wondered what is behind the masked men in brightly coloured shorts that compete against each other in a boxing ring? Our colleagues Anja and Verena made their way to Mexico City to find out. On Sunday afternoon after a tour of Coyoacán and Xochimilco, the two drove to the Arena […]

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