The El Marqués wine region – a MUST for all visitors to Querétaro

Mexico is known for its beautiful pristine beaches, Mayan culture and the famous “tortillas”. Who would have thought that Mexico also has a growing wine culture?

Just 30 minutes from Querétaro towards Tequisquiapan is the beautiful wine region of El Marqués sprawling countryside and wineries such as Viñedos Puerta del Lobo, Vinos del Marqués or Rancho Santa Marina.

Interest in Mexican wines has increased significantly in recent years. For example, Mexico has been exporting more and more wine since the 1980s and Querétaro is Mexico’s second largest wine producer alongside the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California.

Last week our colleagues Verena and Ivana visited the wine region of El Marqués to get a first hand experience of all the there is to offer. As part of a FAM trip *, the El Marqués tourism association invited various agencies from the Querétaro to explore the El Marqués wine region, including BDMx.

Verena and Ivana took a closer look at the following wineries: Maria & Bernado, the Hacienda Atongo, Rancho Santa Marina, as well as the wineries of Puerta del Lobo and Vinos del Marqués. In addition to various regional wines, they also tried local cheese at the Rancho Santa Marina, an organic farm.

“The special thing about Rancho Santa Marina is” says Verena, “that visitors can not only try the delicious organic sheep’s milk cheese, but also experience the entire cheese-making process live and visitors to the ranch can even watch the sheep being milked. “


Rancho Santa Marina


The farm attaches particular importance to animal welfare and has been subject to quality controls for organic certification since 2003. Another option that the ecological farm offers its visitors is baking bread.

Furthermore, Ivana and Verena hiked through the vineyards of the Puerta del Lobo winery and got information about the processing of their wine. A short tour of the production facilities and observation of the distillation process rounded off the excursion.

According to Verena and Ivana, El Marqués is a MUST for all Querétaro visitors and a good opportunity to breathe fresh country air and relax from the big city.

Talk to us, we would be happy to organize a tour to the beautiful wine region of El Marques or take a look at our tour module Culture & Cuisine in Queretaro which of course, included this region.

* FAM trips are work trips that focus on tourism activities for “travel agencies” to be able to promote a specific product or destination.