As of December 22nd, 2018 visitors will pay 30 MXN  About 60 kilometers from the city of Querétaro is the impressive Peña de Bernal. With approximately 300 meters of altitude, it is the third largest monolith in the world, after the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain and the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Brazil. A paradise […]

Something planned on October 27, 2018? No? Then you should definitely keep Saturday free and travel to Mexico City. The James Bond Parade takes place here to celebrate Día de los muertos. What is behind the Día de los Muertos? The Día de los Muertos, in english Day of the Dead, is a colourful Mexican […]

Another volcanic eruption in the Mexican highlands What a natural spectacle of fire, ash and glowing rocks for the residents of the Mexican highlands this week! Lately the “smoking mountain” lives up to its name. After an approximately two kilometer high gas and ash cloud rose from the Popocatéptl last month, a few days ago […]

And the winner is: El Torre Reforma Who would have thought that the office tower in Mexico City “El Torre Reforma” is, according to experts, the most innovative skyscraper in the world. It measures an impressive 246 meters and is earthquake-proof. The Mexican architect L. Benjamín Romano builds on the constructions of the Aztecs and […]

Chaos in Baja California Sur! As is common in September, tropical storms rage off of Mexico’s coasts. In the worst cases they turn into hurricanes. Fortunately, most of the hurricanes weaken before they hit land, but the residents of Baja California were less fortunate last weekend. Hurricane Odile was a category 4 and hit the […]

Mexico City is Staged Netflix’s very first production which will not only be streamed, but will also run in conventional cinemas for a short period of time is called ROMA by the director Alfonso Cuarón. Cuarón personally shot the black and white film with an Arri Alexa 65. Roma is the most personal film by the […]

A Year to Stregthen this Alliance for the Future The two countries Mexico and Germany are closely linked through numerous long-term relationships. There are bilateral relationships in politics, business, development as well as in culture and education. Germany is considered Mexico’s most important trading partner within the European Union and Mexico the second most important […]

The Unique Artesenia from Oaxaca In 1936, Pedro Linares first began making decorative figures. He used bright colours, complex shapes, wings, horns, tails, fearsome teeth and big eyes. Later on in the 1960s, he started making these figures from wood. Legend has it that Pedro Linares began hallucinating while he was seriously ill. In these […]

Do you know that…? It is winter, it is cold – very cold, today almost -10 ° C again – and you are already looking forward to your warm home, the heated living room and a hot chocolate in front of the TV … Or: It’s summer, it’s hot – especially hot today, almost 35 […]

The El Marqués wine region – a MUST for all visitors to Querétaro Mexico is known for its beautiful pristine beaches, Mayan culture and the famous “tortillas”. Who would have thought that Mexico also has a growing wine culture? Just 30 minutes from Querétaro towards Tequisquiapan is the beautiful wine region of El Marqués sprawling […]

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