Our exclusive tip for book lovers

Mexico is a country with a lot of tradition, culture, natural wonders, oceans, music, tortilla, tequila and chilli. A country that is so big, colourful and full of contrasts. A country in which family life plays an important role and football is indispensable.

Immerse yourself in Jürgen Neubauer’s book “In Mexico – Journey to a Magical Land”. Our colleague Anja attended Jürgen Neubauer’s reading last week and is very enthusiastic:

“I can recommend the book to anyone travelling to Mexico. Whether as travel preparation, to indulge in what you have experienced or simply to immerse yourself in another world. You feel like you are traveling to Malinalco and discovering the village yourself.”

Jürgen Neubauer takes the readers on a trip to Malinalco, a village with 8,000 inhabitants between the volcanoes of the Mexican highlands, not far from Mexico City. Malinalco is an image of Mexico, as if you were holding a magnifying glass on a small patch of Mexico.

Made out of life in the giant metropolis of Mexico City, the narrator and his wife move to the countryside in Malinalco. There they discover an unknown and fascinating Mexico: they meet shamans, charlatans, healers and deal with drug dealers. The journey culminates in a rampant carnival, where magic and modernity, past and present, poor and rich collide.

About the Author
Jürgen Neubauer was a bookseller in London, a lecturer in Pennsylvania and a non-fiction editor in Frankfurt. Today he lives as a literary translator and author in Querétaro. When he first travelled to Mexico in late 2003, he succumbed to the magic of the country and promptly emigrated.

More about Malinalco and Jürgen Neubauer can be found here. The book “In Mexiko” can be found on Amazon.