Phone & internet


Junge in MexikoCalling from the hotel is usually very expensive. The best way to make long-distance calls in Mexico is to buy a phone card which is available in small phone shops or in the numerous convenience stores or “tiendas”. If you have friends or acquaintances in Mexico, purchase a prepaid card from TELCEL which saves a lot of cost. If you do not want to use your mobile phone, there is no shortage of telephone booths in Mexico. Most can be found near bus stations and airports. There are telephone booths that also work (or only) with credit cards. The use of foreign mobile phones can be very, very expensive – even if you only take calls. Check with your local cell phone provider about roaming charges or international plans before you leave.
Internet cafes are like sand by the sea in Mexico. Especially in larger cities, finding a well-equipped internet provider is not a problem at all. Most of them have cameras and headsets which offer a very cheap way of communication with costs between 0.50 ¬ and 2.50 ¬ per hour! The price is of course mostly dependent on the frequency of tourists. It is definitely worth looking for internet cafes that are not exactly in the hotel zone. If you take your own laptop with you, there are many free WiFi hotspots, especially in cafes, bars and airports.

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