BDMx Relocation Services

For Expats in Querétaro

In 2013 Buenos Dias Mexico decided to expand its range of services with a new company division, “Relocation Services”, with which we support emigrants during this life changing process, both personally and professionally.

Our main target group is expatriates. Expatriates (expats) are employees of internationally represented companies, who are usually posted to a foreign company branch for approx. 2-5 years. Most of the time, not only the expat himself, but his entire family relocates their life abroad.

Mexico is often a selected as a country for emigrants and posted workers. Only this year, Mexico was voted the second most popular country for emigrants in a survey by the “InterNations” network. The following factors were considered: financial situation, length of the working day, child and family friendliness, possibility of making new friends, a new love and a nice apartment. And also according to the “World Happiness Report” of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Mexico ranks 14th among the 15 happiest countries in the world.

The aim of our relocation service is to assist emigrants in Mexico on the ground and to make it easier to make a fresh start abroad, both professionally and privately. We accompany the expatriate and his family until they feel completely comfortable in their new home and are available to the BDMx team around the clock.

This is particularly possible for us because the entire team went through the process itself and can therefore deal with concerns, ambiguities, fears and of course specific questions. Our team consists of many different nationalities, which makes us stand out because the respective customer is looked after by the relevant employee. This has the advantage that specific questions can also be answered correctly taking into consideration cultural sensibilities.

The range of services we offer to our customers consists of the following modules:


        • Module 1: Look & See

Gather first impressions on a personal guided tour of Quéretaro

        • Module 2: Home Management

Find the ideal accommodation according to the needs and desires of the client

        • Module 3: Visas & Formalities

Application and procurement of all necessary documents to live and work in Mexico

        • Module 4: Family Support

Special support for accompanying partners and children such as schools, day cares and extra curricular activities.

        • Module 5: Acclimatization Phase

Any additional help such as moving, opening a bank account or getting a Mexican driver’s license

        • Module 6: Return

Preparation for the return home

        • Module 7: Visitors & Travel

Support in receiving family or visitors and fulfilling any travel requests

        • Module 8: Relocation – All Inclusive

Complete all-round service from the first visit through to the acclimitiztion phase

        • Buenos Días México Relocation Services – Extras

Language schools, medical care, memberships, insurance and much more. If you are planning to send employees or have yourself posted or emigrated, we are happy to assist you with our own experience and to support you during the entire process that you go through.

“After more than 10 years in Mexico and Querétaro, I still understand very well the wishes, fears & needs involved in leaving your home and starting again. Querétaro is now my second home and I look forward to making it yours. ” Esther, Relocation Manager

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