Sonia Ashley

Sonia Ashley Buenos Dias Mexico

I moved from Canada to Mexico in 2005 looking for adventure and definitely found it in this warm and passionate country! The unpredictable nature of everyday occurrences, the spectacular diversity, perfect weather, incredibly delicious food and laid back rhythm of the culture is what has made me stay and start a family here. Mexicans know how to enjoy life!

Mexico has so many regions to discover and each is as unique as it is unforgettable. My personal favorites are divided into two seemingly opposite styles. The beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya and Tulum are unbelievable for the sheer beauty and pristine nature of the region. You can disconnect from the world and lose yourself in pure relaxation. My other favorite place to visit is Mexico City. The huge metropolitan capital has an unlimited supply of incredible things to see and do and every time I go back I discover new and amazing sites in the fast paced environment.

Favorite type of travel: Rental Car Travel & Beach Vacations
Favorite places: Tulum & Mexico City

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