Experience the Diversity of Queretaro´s Cheese and Wine Culture in Tequisquiapan!


The international cheese and wine festival is one of the cultural highlights of the Queretaro region. This year the festival takes place over the three weekends

From May 23rd to June 8th, 2014

During the first week from Friday to Sunday, and in the following weeks from Thursdays to Sundays. The venue is the small village of Tequisquiapan, about an hour’s drive west of the capital city of Querétaro. The town is one of the “pueblos mágicos” (“magical village”) in the colonial highlands and is the center of wine and gourmet cuisine in the region. In addition to the tasting and exhibitions of wine and cheese, a variety of music and entertainment is also offered.


After Baja California in northwest Mexico, the state of Querétaro is the second most important wine-growing region in the country. Over the years, Querétaro has developed a diverse and high-quality wine culture and is now a popular home to both smaller independent winegrowers and international companies, also because of its convenient location close to Mexico City
In order to make the region’s wine culture better known to tourists, the so-called “Cheese and Wine Route” was created. The route runs through the region along numerous wineries and cheese factories, where you can experience the variety of Mexican wine and cheese.