Travel Guide for México

Important facts about México & useful tips to prepare your trip

Guelagueza OaxacaAll you need to know about México

Mexican Holidays, Festivals & Traditions – Fiesta Mexicana

Language in Mexico – Así se habla

Mexican Food – Tortillas, tequila & mezcal

Flora and Fauna in Mexico – Whales, cactus & flamingoes

Climate in Mexico – Travel through 4 different climate zones

Geography of Mexico – Deserts, volcanoes, rainforests & beaches


reisepassPractical Tips for your trip to México

Checklist & Packing – Don´t forget anything!

Entry – Visa & customs

Health – Vaccinations & regional diseases

Security – Is México really dangerous?

Communication – Phone & Internet

Transport – How best to move from A to B.


mapa mexico-001Destinations in Mexico

Baja California – Cactus, beaches & stark landscapes

Campeche – Fishing village on the Gulf of México

Chiapas – Dense rainforests & Maya spirit

Colonial Highlands – The footsteps of the conquerors

Copper Canyon – Breathtaking canyons and gorges

Mexico City – Vibrant metropolitan capital

Oaxaca – Culinary highlights and indigenous cultures

Pacific Coast – Rugged unspoilt beaches & surfing spots

Quintana Roo – White sandy beaches & Caribbean flair

Veracruz – Carnival, jungles and rafting adventures

Yucatan – Haciendas, culinary delights & cenotes


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