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Ein Gast von Buenos Dias Mexico auf dem Jelitto Popo Vulkan in Mexiko
I still can’t pronounce the name of the volcano correctly 🙂 (my tongue wasn’t made for it), but still a little feedback about the tour. It was great fun and everything worked out wonderfully, even the weather! When we were back down and sitting in the car we could see that both Itza and Popo were white with fresh snow above – so that’s what I call luck, perfect. Armando did a fantastic job and was super professional, his cooking skills were also very good for the simple circumstances, when I told him that I was a cook, he became nervous and asked with every move whether I agreed – that was very funny. The day of our ascent was also perfect (very early) but the sunrise from the summit made up for it. We decided to run completely up from La Joya without an intermediate camp, also because I was too lazy to carry a sleeping bag and sleeping pad with me, so I welcomed that. I think with 6 hours ascent time we were also well on time. In this sense, I can only say: gladly again! I would only have liked a little more action from Popocatepetl, but there is no influencing that.
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Gäste von Buenos Dias Mexico

Recovered from jet lag (for me, the time difference when flying to the east is more difficult than to the west), and again in the daily grind I go through the journey with pictures and recordings. It was a successful journey with many impressions and experiences. My expectations were fully met. I express my appreciation to Buenos Dias Mexico and especially to you for your organization and the work you have done. All transfers, flights, bus trips and hotel reservations worked perfectly. With your flexible support, customized trips in Mexico are possible without any problems.

Now a few comments on the specific travel modules:
Mexico Colonial – was a wonderful tour, it is now easier to understand that Mexico used to be called Nueva Espana and can still feel the “homesickness” and longing of the colonizers for their old home. For me, Patzcuaro had the “densest” Mexican atmosphere. I have already given you my comment on Jose tour guide Quetzal Tours: Not enough interest in the individual traveler of BDMx too many artisan shops. I would rather have stayed a second night in Guanajuato than in the “Gringotown” of San Miguel. The Best Western Hotel there was the worst of the trip. I also really liked Queretaro, the mix of history and modernity and the lively life on the streets and squares gave a good impression of Mexico today. Dinner with you and your colleagues was another highlight and was a lot of fun (hopefully for you too). Thanks a lot for this. You only have to practice a bit with the tequila and mezcal (you can’t do without training). One more note about Maximilian: The best information about this is provided by the Convento de las Capucinas (Maximilian’s last prison before its execution), today known from an anti-imperial perspective as the Museo de la Restauracion de la Republica. Chihuahua is a city that only opens up at second glance. Very friendly, helpful people, my tour guide Oscar was the best of the trip. I now have a complete picture of Pancho Villa y compadres y sus 25 mujeres and believe I have recognized a trait of Mexican revolutions: Since you have no plan for afterwards, it is best to start a new one. Probably the typical alcoholicas, cigarros and big hats do the rest. The Chepe is a must for railroad fans: mountain railways like in Switzerland, only much longer. This trip should be made in March/April if possible, it got very cold at night. I would change the trip as follows: Travel direction El Fuerte (nice town, best hotel of the trip) to Chihuahua (most beautiful part of the route uphill between El Fuerte and Bahuichivo), in Ceracahui and Divisadero (both very impressive). Night bus trip to P.V. Delayed but very comfortable, I practically slept through and woke up in the morning as the only passenger. (Travel preparation: good nightcap). Ute kindly waited for me. P.V. is recommended to relax, is muy gringo, but has retained its colonial charm. The Hotel Catedral was just right for me, central location and very friendly staff.
Flight to San Diego without any problems, California is still the best US state for me. Small problems on the way back: flight to Houston cancelled, but got a flight to snow-covered Washington and the connecting plane to Ffm. (The airport was closed afterwards) So that’s it for today. Thank you again for your help.

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