How safe Mexico really is and what you should consider during your Mexico tour

General safety situation in Mexico

Even if the general safety situation in Mexico has not necessarily improved in recent years and tabloids in particular like to publish negative articles, Mexico continues to be a safe holiday and travel destination for tourists. As in almost all holiday countries in the world, you should adhere to certain rules and precautionary measures in order to avoid dangerous situations in advance. Mexico, as an emerging country, is of course fighting poverty and crime in some areas of the country, but is particularly secure in tourist areas. Here, the government is making sure that the general situation improves and that foreign tourists can enjoy their vacation.


In general, as long as you follow some important basic rules, you can protect yourself very well on a Mexico tour – just like anywhere else in the world.

  • Make copies of your passports in advance and carry them with you.
  • Lock the doors in your hotel rooms well and note the way to the emergency exit in advance.
  • If possible, expensive valuables and important documents should not be carried around. The safest thing is to keep them in the hotel safe.
  • Never let your luggage and handbag out of your sight.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and watches if possible.
  • Always take good care of your photographic equipment and do not take your eyes off your surroundings even while taking pictures.
  • At night you should be especially careful with dark streets.
  • Be especially careful as a solo traveler.
  • Pay special attention to markets and other crowds.
  • If you are traveling with a rental car, only drive during the day if possible.
  • Do not get out of the car, even in the event of an alleged accident, but contact the police and continue.
  • Leave the doors locked even while driving and use guarded parking spaces.
  • If possible, avoid the main times of public transport.
  • Choose only the safe taxis and 1st class buses.
  • Be careful at the bus stations, especially in the big cities.
  • Withdraw money from secured banks, preferably inside a bank.
  • If you happen to be the victim of a robbery, do not resist, but subsequently blame the police.

Other rules that you should follow during your Mexico vacation

  • Take photos of indigenous Mexicans on your Mexico tour only after they have given you permission.
  • Mexico is a very religious country, please behave accordingly in the churches and religious buildings.
  • The road conditions are often bad, especially in the rainy season, so be careful here.
  • Naked bathing on a Mexico vacation is prohibited outside the nudist beaches.
  • The tourist visa must always be carried with you.
  • Alcohol consumption in public spaces is prohibited throughout the country.
  • Protect nature and archaeological sights in Mexico by:

…only using designated and predetermined paths
…do not take plants and animals with you as a travel souvenir
…try to save water when showering
…dispose of your garbage in the containers provided

Note: All of the security points listed are for your safety only and should not scare you. They apply to almost all holiday areas and major cities in the world.

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