Querétaro hosts the “Festival de Comunidades Extranjeras”

Querétaro, known for its colonial architecture, historical importance and being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, offered its residents and visitors a top-class festival from March 3 to 19, 2018. For the 11th time, the city celebrated the “Festival of Foreign Communities”. The residents and visitors of the city were given the opportunity to get to know the culture, gastronomy and tradition of over 75 different countries. Among them were 20 countries from Europe, 17 from Asia, 21 from America and 17 from Africa.

Various sporting events such as football and basketball tournaments kicked off the festival on March 3rd. There were also international films that could be watched free of charge for the whole week.

A highlight was the annual parade that travelled along the “Los Arcos”, the aqueduct, which is the symbol of the city. Led by Germany, the 75 countries really pumped up the 20,000 spectators with traditional music, dances and costumes. The end of the parade was the country of Venezuela. The audience was really “rocked” with a moving van including a live band. On the last weekend of the festival, the different countries presented themselves in the “Corregidora” stadium with exhibition stands, shows, tastings, the sale of traditional food and beverages and handicrafts.

The “Festival de Comunidades Extranjeras” is definitely a festival worth visiting if you are in Querétaro in March.

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