Intellectual Disabilities in Mexico – Why the Organization HOGARES FAUSTINO LLAMAS IBARRA is Needed!

There are a large number of people with mental disabilities within the Mexican population. An exact percentage cannot be given since the integration of people with disabilities does not really take place. They often have to experience violence and their relatives can and rarely know how to deal with their disability. So they are rejected and often “abandoned” like animals on the street. Their life is a big challenge and unfortunately the Mexican state does not offer enough help and even public institutions and religious non-profit organizations cannot close this gap.

Particularly women are at risk and suffer much more violence and abuse than mentally disabled men.

Dr. Faustino Llamas Ibarra recognized this grievance and wanted to help these women and created a home for them. In 1999 he founded the HOGARES FAUSTINO LLAMAS IBARRA initiative with the first women’s shelter, La Casa Hogar María Goretti I.A.P., where today mainly girls and women up to the age of 30 are accommodated.

HOGARES FAUSTINO LLAMAS offers women with intellectual disabilities a home, help, protection, health care and thus a dignified life. An essential part of the work in the women’s shelters is to offer mentally handicapped women, in addition to activities such as music therapy, physiotherapy, art, dance and sport, also daily professional workshops to educate them. The initiative currently consists of three houses and a farm and offers 87 women and girls a home (as of October 2018). The organization is legally registered and tax transparent.


For 13 years we have been organizing your dream vacation through Mexico according to your wishes. From the beginning on our team has mainly consisted of women and in our office it means every day a new day of – PURE women power.

Using this power we want to support the women and girls from HOGARES FAUSTINO LLAMAS here in Querétaro, our hometown.

The head of the organization is a very inspiring and strong woman – Isabel Llamas. She took the sole responsibility in 2017 when her father and founder of the organization, Dr. Faustino Llamas passed away in a tragic traffic accident.

Our commitment

  1. Monetary Donations

    The maintenance of the houses is very expensive and is mainly financed by donations from private initiatives. The monthly operating costs of the Maria Kolbe house for example, is about several thousands of Euros and is therefore the most in need of help. That means food, medicines such as psychotropic drugs, services (electricity, water, telephone), taxes and staff  have to be financed. We  support the Maria Kolbe house financially every month with all our female power.

  2. Donations of goods

    Furthermore, the 87 girls and women need clothes and shoes all the time. This is why  HOGARES FAUSTINO LLAMAS IBARRA
    depends on donations as in Mexico buying new things is very expensive. We try to collect clothes for women and girls once a month and if you no longer need sorted clothes after your holiday, we were happy if you could drop them off at our office in Querétaro.

  3. Projects

    Whether baking Christmas cookies, excursions on the Day of the Death etc. – we already organized various events with the house Maria Goretti I.A.P. Mostly girls and young women with intellectual disabilities are accommodated here, to whom we would like to bring as an exchange a littlebit of the German culture, but also the Mexican traditions closer.
    If you would like to take part or participate in one of these Events or if you have ideas for something special, please write us to: info@buenos-dias-mexico.com

Presentation of the women´s shelters

The founding house – La Casa Hogar Maria Goretti I.A.P.

The house Maria Goretti was founded in 1999 and is exclusively dedicated to women aged 0 to 30  with intellectual disabilities. The first women to be admitted here were marked by scars of violence and the birth of their children. Many of the girls and young women came to the house with their children in their arms, which they could not take care of because of their disability. After less than a month after the foundation, Casa Hogar Maria Goretti reached its maximum capacity, so in 2005 the second house Salvador Rivera García was founded.

Casa Hogar Salvador Rivera García I.A.P.

The house Salvador Rivera García was founded in 2005 and mainly takes care of  women with intellectual disabilities from the age of 30. In both houses were detected cases of mental illness, in addition to intellectual disabilities at the beginning of their establishments. Especially mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolarity, depression, etc.  so the need to offer adequate care and treatment to women, the María Kolbe house was founded in 2010.

Psychiatric Institution – Casa Hogar Maximiliano María Kolbe I.A.P.

The house  María Kolbe was founded in 2010 and mainly works with the State Youth Welfare Office and the public prosecutor’s office. Children and women with intellectual disabilities who are destitute and without families are accepted here. In the house María Kolbe they get food, clothes, therapy, medicine and psychological care. The education and care of the girls is the responsibility of a group of nuns, the Hijas de Jesús Buen Pastor.


The Betania Farm was founded to offer women and girls a constant therapy and to let them dedicate themselves to productive activities in nature.

The Betania Farm measures more than 13,000 square meters and was previously used as a weekend recreation place for the girls and women. The farm will soon become productive and a permanent home for some of them.


We did an interview with Isabel Llamas, head of the organization. Thank you Isabel.

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