Cook this delicious dessert from your Mexican vacation at home: FLAN DE CAFÉ Y KAHLUA. Flan is a kind of pudding with a caramel taste. But there are countless ways to prepare flan. We have prepared a recipe for you with coffee and kahlua. The recipe is enough for approx. 8 to 10 servings. Have fun cooking!


  • 155 g sugar
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 can of sweet condensed milk
  • 180 ml light cream
  • 250 ml milk
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 tbsp Kahlúa (you could also use a different coffee liquor)
  • 2 tbsp instant coffee
  • 5 eggs
  • ¾ tbsp vanilla extract


Flan Comida

First, the sugar and honey are heated together with about 60 ml of water over medium to high heat and with gentle stirring in a small pan until a clear liquid is formed. Then reduce the temperature and let the mixture stand for about 10 to 15 minutes until the honey takes on a golden brown color. Swirl the pan briefly and when the liquid has taken on an amber tint, fill it into an approximately 23x5cm pan or, depending on your preference, into several small molds. Make sure that the liquid is evenly distributed.

Seperately stir the condensed milk with the light cream and milk over a low heat and add the cinnamon stick. Take the pan off the stove and let the mixture stand for about 10 minutes so that the cinnamon can release its aroma. Then remove the stem and add the kahlúa and the instant coffee that was previously dissolved in a little hot water. Mix the eggs in a bowl and stir. Then gradually add the liquid with the milk and the vanilla. Then pour it through a sieve into the recipients with the honey-sugar mixture. Place the recipients on the middle rail of the oven which has been preheated to 165 degrees. The mold is filled with boiling water until a height of about 2.5 cm is reached. The pudding is then left to stand in the oven for about 1 to 1½ hours (if using several small tins, 40-60 minutes). To test whether the pudding is ready, stick it in with the knife; if it comes out clean again, the pudding is good! Now the covered pudding must be refrigerated for at least 6 hours (up to two days).


Buen Provecho!