Mexico City is Staged

Netflix’s very first production which will not only be streamed, but will also run in conventional cinemas for a short period of time is called ROMA by the director Alfonso Cuarón. Cuarón personally shot the black and white film with an Arri Alexa 65.

Roma is the most personal film by the Oscar-winning director and is about Cleo, a young domestic worker who works for a family in a medium-sized neighborhood called Roma in Mexico City. Based on his own childhood, Cuarón created a lively and emotional work on domestic strife and social hierarchies in the midst of the political turmoil of the 1970s, creating an artistic love letter to the women who raised him.

Roma celebrated its premiere in the United States over the Thanksgiving weekend in three exclusive cinemas in LA and New York. After the extended weekend, the film grossed between $ 90,000 and $ 120,000, even though it was clear from the start that the film would be on Netflix just two weeks later. Roma is by far the best starting weekend that a foreign language film has ever had.

Film critics who were able to see the film before it appeared at film festivals are overwhelmed with enthusiasm.

The Netflix film Roma will be released in cinemas on December 6th.  As of December 14th, the film will also run on Netflix.