Flugzeug nach MexikoMexico is a very large country, but don´t be discouraged by the long distances as there are anumber of comfortable and convenient methosa of transportation. The bus network in Mexico is very well developed and you will be surprised at how luxurious and comfortable 1st class coaches are. They offer plenty of leg room and there is a toilet. Many providers even distribute free snacks and drinks before departure. During the trip, current international films are usually shown in English with Spanish subtitles and between popular destinations the buses have free wifi and personal entertainment screens. You can buy tickets on site at the bus stations or reserve them online. There are bus stations in almost all cities and they are usually a slightly outside of the downtown. Therefore, you should plan a taxi ride to the hotel. The 2nd class buses are more economical, but generally offer the same services. For both classes we strongly recommend taking warm clothes with you, as the air conditioners are often set to be very cool. The highest standard and best known bus lines are Primera Plus, ADO, ETN, Estrella Blanca.
For long distances, the most convenient and, of course, the fastest means of transportation is the airplane. Domestic flights in Mexico are relatively cheap and the planes are modern and comfortable. The most famous airline is Aeroméxico. In addition to this, there are now more low-cost carriers such as Vivaaerobus, Volaris, Interjet and Tarmexico. If you book with us and your trip includes a domestic flight, you are very likely to enjoy one of these airlines. There are over 50 airports served by Mexico City daily.
Trains are unusual in Mexico. Apart from two trains that are especially for tourists, only freight is transported by rail. One is the train in the Copper Canyon that runs from Los Mochis to Chihuahua and the other is the Tequila Express which runs from Guadalajara to Amititan and includes a delicious tequila sample and a visit to the hometown of the famous liquor.

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